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About PDK

Message from the President:

Greetings Current and Future Kappans,

Wendy Ghiora, Ed.DI am honored to be the new President of the Washington State Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa.  I welcome you and thank you for visiting our website.

This year our Board members have worked hard disseminating our purpose and generating several exceptionally worthy events.  We produced two Washington State Kappan Journals. The Fall issue incorporated articles about Common Core State Standards; while our Spring Issue highlighted Social Justice and Equity in Education. In conjunction with the University of Washington at Bothell, we held a Spring Awards Brunch and Conference on Social Justice and Equity in Education.  At this banquet, we honored two future educators. Both scholarship winners gave truly inspirational, heartfelt speeches about what they are planning to do when they become teachers.  We also honored a local teacher leader with a scholarship to enable her to continue the important work she is doing. Lastly, we co-sponsored a local high school student to attend the National Future Educators of America Conference in Washington, D.C. She had never encountered such a competition before.  She was also one of the few tenth graders competing against seasoned eleventh and twelfth graders. Nonetheless, she persevered and placed in the top ten in the United States in both the TED Talk and Public Speaking Competitions!

Washington State’s Universities and Colleges have a rich history of preparing educators and leaders to be change agents who are reflective practitioners and engaged researchers.  Current and future educators who connect with Phi Delta Kappa unquestionably enrich their knowledge base through access to proven research, innovations, best practices, and local and international networking.

We have an exciting year ahead.  We invite current and new members who wish to contribute to our chapter in whatever capacity to contact me with your ideas and your talents.  We ask you to help make our vision a reality:

“To be the experts in cultivating great educators for tomorrow while continuing to ensure high-quality education for today.”

Please consider joining us at our next Education and Food Event:                  https://www.facebook.com/events/951172148255974/
Bring a friend or two as we learn more about issues that are pertinent in our daily professional lives. 


Wendy Ghiora, Ed.D