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How to Apply:


  • Member of PDK
  • Currently residing in Washington State or currently a member of PDK-WA 1599
  • Under 40 at the time of application

Applicants must submit:

  • Resume including birthdate
  • Two letters of reference
  • Application letter detailing your educational accomplishments and why you are suitable for this award

Please combine all documents into a single pdf and submit directly to the president at president@pdkwa.org.

Timeline and Selection:

  • Rolling applications accepted.

Awards & Scholarships

PDK-WA Emerging Leaders & Teachers Program

Following along the ideas related to the PDK national Emerging Leaders Program, we would like to recognize Emerging Leaders and Teachers in the State of Washington. Emerging Leaders and Teachers are individuals under the age of 40 at time of application who are dynamic in the field of education, and have a tie to Washington State. Individuals can be recognized for being outstanding teachers, graduate students, administrators, or in another facet of education.

Entries will be scored by members from the Executive Board, PDK-WA. Applicants will be chosen based on their outstanding accomplishments in the field of education. Applicants must be current members of PDK, currently residing in Washington State or currently a member of PDK-WA 1599, and must be under 40 at the time of application. Please note that this is a separate program than the PDKI Emerging Leaders program, and selection in the state-wide program does not guarantee selection in the PDKI program.

One benefit of an Emerging Leader and Teachers Programs includes state wide recognition of this prestigious honor. The program recognizes top educators from around the state for their visionary leadership, professional achievements, and commitment to the field of education. The award includes the opportunity to publish with PDK and invitations to participate in various PDK-WA opportunities.