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If you are interested in purchasing an ad in the Washington State Kappan journal, please contact Antony Smith at journal@pdkwa.org


Please make sure PDK International has your most current email address and mailing address since enewsletters from the President will be sent via PDKI’s database and the WA state journal will be mailed to the address in the PDKI database.


PDK Journal: Washington State Kappan

The Washington State Kappan journal is published two times yearly. This is a quality peer-reviewed journal. We encourage you to read it and submit manuscripts. The journal is available online and emailed to each current member of PDK-WA. Please make sure PDK has your most current email address.


Phi Delta Kappa, Washington State is pleased to announce a call for journal articles:

Classroom and educational coaching are becoming increasingly common in schools and districts throughout our region. Going beyond (but perhaps adopting many of the traits of) athletic coaching, instructional coaching takes on many forms, but it requires that both the coach and the teacher take responsibility for their educational approach. Administrators, teachers, and coaches ask open-ended questions, identify areas of growth, and promote accountability to diverse parties.

The skills required of educational coaches and those who are being coached leads to genuine empowerment and have powerful implications for contemporary classrooms. Solutions abound because of this approach to improving teacher practices.

The Washington State Kappan is a blind peer-reviewed journal, and we invite you to submit articles about best practices in instructional coaching, changes in instructional coaching practices, applications for classroom coaching, how to make coaching work for teachers and administrators alike, advice for teachers, administrators and coaches as well as reflective practices and any other topics related to coaching in the 21st century are welcome.

Book reviews and editorials will be considered in limited quantities. Please submit articles to kristin.jewell@tumwater.k12.wa.us by March 30 for consideration.


Wendy Ghiora, Ed.D, President
Washington State Phi Delta Kappa

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